Brides Bouquet

We will create the perfect bouquet to complement your wedding dress. We can design a sophisticated wired shower or a simple hand-tied posy. I love to pick up on things personal to you to make your bouquet unique. Why not add a little sparkle with a favourite piece of jewellery or your grandmothers pearls.
Bridesmaid Bouquet

Created to match the Brides bouquet, using perfect handpicked blooms. Let your Bridesmaids shine with little jewels in your flowers. Tiny Flower Girls may carry a delicate handtied bunch or magic wands adorned with a single bloom.
Grooms Button Holes

A Button Hole must last for hours and look perfect for photos, right through the ceremony. Traditionally a flower from the brides bouquet, although you can make Button Holes as unique as you like. Put a modern twist on the grooms flower and add a little wire, berries or even herbs.
Centrepieces & Reception Flowers

Spectacular or understated elegance, modern or rustic, why not mix the heights in a large venue to break up the space. flowers create a cohesive theme, the colour of the bridal party's attire can be carried through with flowers. We can provide a range of glass ware to suit a modern or vintage theme.
Bride & Grooms Table Flowers

This should be more opulent to differentiate from the guests table's. Add Bridesmaids posies in matching vases to dress each in of the top table. Add a garland to the front of the table with seasonal foliage to impress your guests. A mix of containers spilling over with your favourite flowers creates a simple, modern look.
Church Flowers

We can provide you with pretty pew ends, perfect pedestals, and amazing alter arrangements. Dress the entrance of the church with bay trees, lanterns or bird cages and set the theme for your special day. These can always be moved to the reception after the ceremony.